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It’s also known as Spleen Center and brings you into the sphere of trust and safety. You become more intuitive and at one with your body and mind. Knowing what's healthy for yourself, or not. Knowing you are safe and secure. And you will trust love above fear.


50ML - 1.7OZ

I TRUST (Milt Center)

Productcode: 0014
€ 27,50Prijs
  • This is your awareness cente -  Survival awareness

    Its also called the Spleen center. The Milt Center is our oldest and most primal awareness. The Spleen is also completely existential, meaning that it only works in the now. Based in instinct, it is what is often referred to as intuition. 

    Holding onto things that aren't good for you - Lack of flexibility - Not knowing what to fear

    *Others make you feel good or not; pressure you to let go of things that are good for you



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