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Speak with confidence your truth. Instantly get a calming, soothing and more confident effect when you are speaking, with a delicate power to get the message clearly. You know when to speak and when to be silent. When you speak, you will speak calm and clear.


50ML - 1.7OZ


Productcode: 0004
€ 27,50Prijs
  • Is a Manifestation Center, Where the energy from inside of us is pushed to the outside world trough doing or communicating. 

    With this centrum you manifest yourself, both in your verbal communication and in your actions. You let yourself be heard, speak, explain, share, write, sing, act and do.

    Trying to attract attention - Trying to be the star - Not knowing what to say

    *Others pressure to talk, to get attention, to avoid attention when it's correct, to initiate actions that aren't a response or invitation. 


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