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Let go of unhealthy stress, hurry and the pressure of always being productive. Get instantly relaxed and grounded. Knowing you can deal with pressure and stress without being overwhelmed by it. Take a moment to unplug and relax. And then get things done what is important in this moment with a relaxing and calming feeling.


50ML - 1.7OZ

I AM RELAXED (Root Center)

Productcode: 0015
€ 27,50Prijs
  • This is one of the two pressure centers, gives you the pressure to do.

    This is also one of the four motor centers. Gives you the drive, ambition and the momentum to keep going. 

    This Center is the 'drive force', stimulation, healthy stress, but if it becomes too much it will put pressure on us in the upper head Center and also on the Root Center. 

    In a hurry to be free of the pressure - In to much of a hurry - Not knowing when to hurry

    *Others pressure you to hurry about unimportant things, or to stop hurrying with important things; you avoid the person/thing to avoind the pressure. 


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