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Feeling worthy, successful and good enough by being your unique self without doing anything. Feeling accepted and approved. Being authentic regardless of what others might think of you. You know you don't have to prove anything to anyone. You feel your self-esteem growing by getting confidence in yourself.


50ML - 1.7OZ

I AM GOOD ENOUGH (Will Center)

Productcode: 0007
€ 27,50Prijs
  • This is one of the four motor centers. 

    The Will Center is also named as Heart, Ego Centrum, Stands for willpower, commitment, support, routines, goals, empowerment and the power to prove oneself, being good enough and ensuring development on the money, material level and self-esteem.

    Trying to prove you're worthy - Over compensating - Not knwoing what is worthy

    *Others pressure you to feel worthless or competitive. 


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