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You can surf and embrace the emotional wave of highs and lows.

You’ll even see beauty where there is melancholy. There is nothing wrong with emotions unless they’re met with judgement. Having knowledge that you are a human being purely experiencing emotions, and not defined by those emotions.


50ML - 1.7OZ

I AM EMOTIONALLY CALM (Emotional Center)

Productcode: 0008
€ 27,50Prijs
  • This is your Emotional - Social awareness center

    This is one of the four motor Centers.  Desire for spiritual awareness, new experiences, and intimacy in relationships. 

    The Emotional Centrum also named Solor plexus Center represents the whole spectrum of emotions we can experience. Emotions, moods, experiences, being creative

    Avoiding confrontations and truth - Touchy and nervous - Not knowing what to feel

    *You take in and amplify other emotional waves. You feel worse (or Better) then they do. 

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